The Legal Battle

Experiences of Partha Majumdar

Sometime around Jun06, Subhayan came to my workstation and requested me if I could give a 2 page write-up on what is the work we do for Reliance. By this time, the Reliance systems had stabilized and we were getting new orders for providing upgrades for our system from Reliance. Subhayan was the Financial Controller for the Siemens IT Unit in Kolkata. This was a strange request as Subhayan was fully aware of what our involvement with Reliance was as he processed all the invoices for Reliance. Anyway, as is my habit, I did not question him and within about half an hour, I provided him a write-up on our work with Reliance. He was very appreciative and I felt very happy about it.

About 2 months passed, when one day again Subhayan returned with a request that I needed simplifying my write-up to remove all technical…

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