Operation and Maintenance Costs fell for Wind farms


A recent Bloomberg report states that Wind farm O&M costs fell by an 38% in the last four years. The statement is based on actual confidential contractual data provided by leading players.

In the last years, Wind power has increased its competitiveness against gas-fired and coal-fired generation, via lower-cost, more technically advanced turbines, and more sophisticated siting and management of wind farms. It seems, also, that servicing wind farms at the operating stage is also becoming much more cost-efficient.

The main conclusions of the analysis are:

  • Average prices for full-service O&M contracts fell to 19,200 € per MW per year in 2012 – a 38% decrease since 2008. The decline in O&M prices was driven by increased competition, as well as by improved service performance of the underlying turbines.
  • Average contract duration has risen from 4.5 years in 2008 to 6.9 years in 2012, as manufacturers attempt to…

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