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Komatsu Hybrid ExcavatorMade in Japan and at work across the globe, Komatsu is Ireland’s top-selling range of excavators and earthmovers.

And, when their distributor McHale Plant Sales sought a heavy-duty firm to tell Komatsu’s story, they came to Hall PR.

First of these told of the new ‘green’ Komatsu Hybrid – an excavator designed to operate in sensitive environmental applications.

Quieter, it emits less noise than conventional excavators. Suited for work in urban areas, confined spaces or city streets, it’s made to handle projects like river and canal dredging.

Diesel powered, the Komatsu Hybrid has an electric motor that captures surplus energy generated during each swing operation – energy that it stores and uses to boost performance when extra acceleration is needed.

Beneficial features include average fuel savings of 25 percent and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.

Komatsu and Hall PR – people who know a thing or two about…

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