lessons for Australia … follies and failures


Quadrant writers see the Obama win as dire. There are lessons to be learned for Australia:


Christopher Carr
Election won, future lost

Tough as it was, the long battle to retain the White House will seem the easy bit when the inept but electorally astute President Obama tries to govern the country he has so cynically divided More…

Peter Smith
Divide and conquer

Obama couldn’t run on his record or allow himself to be faulted for cowardice in declining to respond to the Islamist massacre at the Benghazi consulate. So he played to emotions, class resentments and the mob. There is a lesson there for Tony Abbott More…

Daryl McCann
Obama’s dark victory

You reap what you sow, as the US is about to be reminded now that Barack Obama has been given four more years to compound the follies and failures of his first term. It is not…

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