Joseph Schacter : Forecast On Energy

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Nov. 7

Josef Schachter :
He admits to having had a tough year, the once hottest of hot oil and gas guys suggests/or hopes that his time will come again.

This past year his stock picks haven’t been that great (like most analysts out there) but he has been one of those who are hopeful on natural gas—he still expects to see $4.00 and mcf this winter, which has turned out to be a rather good call, for those who are bullish on the one fuel that makes economic and environmental common sense.
With the next few months, with the American economic situation and fiscal cliff et al, Schachter is predicting not fun times…in fact you listen to him, and cash sounds like a good place to be for a couple of months.
From the just out Maison Energy Monthly, he writes, “WTI should fall to below US$80 in coming weeks and if economic conditions weaken substantially due to fiscal slowdown in…

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