Indian Energy Sector Economic and Risk Analysis

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Energy holds the key to India’s economic development. The unprecedented pace of economic development in India is likely to require even more energy. India experienced economic growth of 9% in the last three years before the recessionary phase of the global economy. It is expected that the same growth rate is likely to continue for the next decade.

According to Lucintel’s report – Indian Energy Sector 2011–2020: Economic and Risk Analysis, analyzes and identifies India’s energy sector and outlines its areas of opportunity in the coming decade. Energy consumption from all sources is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. As per Lucintel’s analysis, Indian primary energy consumption is expected to grow to more than 15,200 Mtoe by 2020.

This report provides detailed trend and forecast data for different energy sources in India – specifically, the demand and supply analysis with future forecasts for 2020. The report analyzes different…

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