Capital Shores and the Renewable Energy Marketplace

Capital Shores Ltd.

There is an unmistakable shift in how investment houses are viewing clean energy technology. The move to sustainable, renewable and clean energy sources has gained much headway since 2004.  In the EU, Germany and Italy are paving the way for reductions in the use of fossil fuels. In 2009, the global primary energy consumption decreased by 1.1 percent. This marked the first decline since 1982. Remarkably consumption of oil, natural gas and nuclear power all decreased. Renewable energy and hydroelectric energy were the only energy markets that increased.

The global concern for volatile oil prices and environmental awareness are believed to be causing the search for renewable energy.  There is demand for solar energy, wind based energy, green transportation, advanced biofuels and more energy efficiency.

As expected, investors are finally committing to the sustainable energy marketplace. Last year, Goldman Sachs issued a report stating that the stalwart investment house had…

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