4 Reasons to Cheer and “Uncheer” Nigeria’s Power Plants Bids

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Afam Power PlantThe recent announcement in the media made it known that bids were received and treated for some power plants in Nigeria (read the article here). The event on its own should naturally send wave of excitement through Nigerians who are understandably desirous of better power supply into their homes and factories. Reports of reception of the news are however mixed.

You will not blame Nigerians though for the exhibited ambivalence or even indifference to what should be a cheering news. At least, just over a decade ago, such type of bids were received for telecommunications service in the country, and the whole nation  is much better for that. However, subsequent attempts to privatize or open up other industries – Nigeria Airways/Air Nigeria, Ajaokuta Steel rolling, Fuel subsidy programme, etc – have rather been leaving bitter taste in the mouth of Nigerians not only due to the questionable process…

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