S&P 500 Chart Fight Ahead of Election

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After another positive ISM reading, it seems as though the markets are fighting to find direction ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election. We are analyzing the SPDR S&P 500 (NYSEMKT: SPY) as it is the most liquid and most representative of the broad markets out of all the ETFs which trade.

For Monday’s chart analysis, Phil Erlanger said:

“SPY had a complete reversal on Friday starting above resistance and finishing below support. Today SPY is trading below pivot at $142.23. The range from resistance to support is wide given Friday’s weakness. Support is $140.74. Watch to see of support is challenged early in the session. We note the 5 minute low needs to hold at $141.15 within the first hour of trading.”

It is also worth noting that Friday brought on a failed test of the 50-day moving average on the SPYDERS and that 50-day moving average is up at…

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