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Liebherr is taking advantage of the 2012 ‘Intermat’ to present for the first time the new 380 EC-B 16 Litronic flat-top crane. This now extends the series upwards, which up to now has consisted of fifteen models well-spaced between 50 and 285 mt, with a 380 mt unit. The new “flagship” provides a maximum radius of 75 m, and can lift up to 3,400 kg at the end of the jib. The 380 EC-B is available optionally in 12 t or 16 t format.

The new 380 EC-B 16 Litronic also provides a great deal of flexibility, in that it can be fitted with an IC or HC tower system. The 256 IC and 355 IC towers from Liebherr are characterized by their small tower cross-sections of only 1.9 m x 1.9 m, which makes them very well-suited for erection in lift shafts. The climbing function of the IC tower…

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