Liebherr 65 K Fast-erecting Crane: Setting New Standards in the 65-mt Class

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The Liebherr 65 K fast-erecting crane will be presented to the public for the first time at the Intermat 2012 in Paris. The new design of the 65 K is based on the successful concept of the 81 K, which was unveiled two years ago, and now provides a whole range of optimized and further developed functions. This means that the new fast-erecting crane sets new standards in the 65-mt class when it comes to capacity, operation and safety on the construction site.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 1,400 kg at a radius of 40.0 metres, the 65 K provides absolute top values in its size class. As with the larger 81 K, all loads are moved using the pure two-fall operation, SPEED2LIFT. No re-reeving, no time lost, and maximum load handling on site – unique achievements in this crane class. Another excellent performance value is the maximum lifting…

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