Large crane with a 40-tonne load capacity builds the Samsung factory in South Korea

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The 1250 HC 40 heavy-load crane by Liebherr is being used in the construction of a new factory for Samsung Electronics in Asan, South Korea. The international construction company Shinwoo Development Co. Ltd is using six additional Liebherr cranes of the type 800 HC 20 and 315 HC-L for this project.

The 1250 HC 40 large crane will remain on the Samsung building site for five months for the construction of two different buildings. It has the best combination of load capacity and height specification for this project. The building contractor has a very tight schedule to meet and is therefore working in multiple shifts.

Although the 1250 HC 40 has full boom length of 80 m, it is being operated with a boom of 64 m at a hook height of 50 m due to the close proximity of other buildings. The 1250 HC 40 has a maximum free-standing…

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